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Mother's Day Activities

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Over a year ago I decided to become a stay at home mom. One of the most stressful parts of staying home was that I had no time for myself. I was always looking to escape. I was looking for the next moment were I could let loose and remember the days before I had children. Being a new mom was so exciting for me. But being a new stay at home was scary. I mean was I really supposed to spend all day with them. Like. All. Day!!! Everyday!!! I wasn’t prepared. I struggled, to say the least. Everyone was trying to help me get through it. Their advice - the classic, “You need to take care of yourself. Make sure your prioritizing self-care.” Umm what!? I’m sorry, I can't find the time to wash my hair this week. If I could squeeze it in, I know I won’t have time to blow dry, so why even bother. Now they were telling me to go get my nails done. "Go take a whole day for yourself." I’m sorry are you going to baby sit, keep my schedule I worked so hard to create with my kids and find a way to fit that massage into my budget. No? I didn’t think so.

Self-care is Important

So, I decided to sit down and educate myself on self-care and its importance. I learned possibly the most important part that most people were leaving out. Self-care is not about treating yourself to a nice day. Although that could be very nice. However, self-care was instead a mindset- if you will. Self-care is consciously taking care of yourself, rather it be your eating habit, mental state or physical state. It's all about knowing what you need in life and making sure that it happens. Too many people, myself included, look at self-care as a getaway. But I found that for me self-care was spending more time with my kids. Crazy? It may sound that way. When I allowed myself to fantasize, I realized the way I pictured my life was like that of a perfect soccer mom movie. So, I started filling in the gaps between what I was already doing and what I needed to be doing. I found that I wasn’t spending time with my children in a constructive and bonding way. In a sense, we were just coexisting. I made the decision to remove my child from her part time daycare and start home schooling my 3-year-old. This way I had planned fun interactions every single day. I knew preschool wasn’t that important anyway. A fix for many relationships and stress is to focus on relationship building. Evaluate the time you are spending with your children. How productive are they in building an unbreakable bond?

Mother's Day Self-care

I originally wanted to start a self-care challenge for myself for the month of May. Time for me to take a moment to myself every day. As I began planning I realized that just wasn’t what I needed. I needed to start the summer off right and fun. My idea instead was to create a Mother’s Day Self-Care – Bonding Challenge. My thoughts are that parents who find it hard to bond with their children have the hardest time. Bonding issues can present itself in multiple situations, rather it be the step-mom who can’t bond with her new children, or a working mom who can’t find the time, or an over-whelmed stay at home mom who just doesn’t feel like she has it together. This challenge is designed to pull you closer to your children. Sometimes us moms are so busy with getting the day to day stuff completed that we miss out on small moments with our children. The moments seem so insignificant to us but could have been so important to our children. The key is to find a way to keep that bond and always take care of yourself.

Mother Child Bonding is Important

Having a way to ensure that your child doesn’t go a single day with out your one on one attention may take some slight planning. This helps me create boundaries with my children and they are more likely to respect my me-time and space. As a work from home mom I have to fit all my work in around their schedule. This often leaves me telling my children “not right now, I am busy”. This also left me with a whole lot of mom guilt. Then I had a mindset shift and decided to start spoiling myself, I realized that I had to teach my children about boundaries. I often explain to them that regardless of what I’m doing, rather it be working or reading a book, they may always come to me. However, once I respond they must respect whatever I say. If I tell them in 5 minutes I will get their snack, then they are not to get upset. The important part is that I hold myself accountable. What ever response I give I make sure I do it. This way they trust my word. So if i tell them i done work in 30 minutes, i'll set an alarm. when the alarm goes off I can not say, "just 5 more minutes." By doing this I maintain their trust and things go a lot more smooth. I try to connect my feelings to their experiences. I remind them of times when they want to be left alone. They want to play by themselves and need space from their siblings. Everyone is entitled to their me-time. However,  I do all this with the plans of having separate moments for myself, moments for work, and moments for the kids. This challenge will help to give some fresh ideas to how me and my children spend our daily bonding time. This will alleviate the stress I have about spending quality time with my children and help to build an unbreakable bond.

The Challenge  

This challenge will include activities for everyone. They are very broad topics so that you can decide what activity will work best for your family. The main categories each activity falls into is Create, Build, Play, Read, Listen, Music, and Venture. Once you sign up to get your free calendar, I will send you a weekly email with specific ideas for each day for that week. For example, May 8th is a day to “teach your child a new game”. For my children it’s probably going to be freeze tag. (as my oldest is 3…and I am selfishly tired of hide and seek in my little 2-bedroom apartment.) So, we’ll be outside learning a new fun way to play a familiar game. However, for you it could be teaching your children to play Clue or an old hand-game from your childhood. (I can’t wait until my child can play Numbers.). I will post daily on Instagram of how our day looked. I would love for you to share your experiences with the hashtag #MothersDayBondingActivityChallenge. With permission I will share your post on our Instagram account or on Living That Spoiled Life blog. Each week I will share an updated post on the blog to show a reflection of my week. I will include specific suggestions for you for the following week.


You’ve read all that and still haven’t signed up to get your Calendar? What are you waiting for. Start today your children are counting on you. Everyone can use a little bonding time before we are all thrown into this summer heat wave and long days together 😊

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