Simple Trick To Living Your Best Life Every Single Day! With No Regrets!

Are you living your best life possible?

Do you know what makes you truly happy? Can you explain it in detail? Do you take the necessary steps to do it every single day? Let’s be real, you only live once. YOLO! Right? So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, right now and do it for YOU. Stop reading this and go do it. Chances are if your reading this you don’t know what makes you happy. I was the same way not to long ago. I feel it’s important to find what makes you happy and find a way to do that thing, every single day. It can be something so different for everyone. There is great news, finding what makes you happy is so simple and so fun to do. It will only take a short minute. You’ll be excited to do it every single day!

Without further ado, that magic trick is…


That is right. All you need to do is fantasize.

I was so stressed in the beginning of my transition from a working mom to a stay-at-home mom. My fiancé would always tell me that I needed to get out. I needed to find a hobby and figure out ways to enjoy my new life. He would tell me to find things that were just for me, rather it be a day out with my friends or a day out by myself. I had moved to a new state about a year and a half before. The only friends I had were co-workers. Now it seemed I didn’t even have them. My youngest was about 6 months old. For the previous year and a half, I was just working and staying home being pregnant. I was never really getting out and enjoying life. I completely understood what he was saying but I completely disagreed. I didn’t want new friends. I have been an introvert my entire life. Meeting new people has to be the scariest thing on the planet and beyond. I mean, I was a teenager and still nervous to order my own food at McDonald’s. So, suffice it to say making new friends randomly in a new state by starting up a random conversation while in a mall food court is not going to help my stress and anxieties.

Fantasizing changed my life.

As more time passed, I was still nagging and complaining about all my stress. My fiancé was probably a bit fed up and he told me, “Well you won’t take my advice. So, what is it that makes you happy? What is it you want to change?” I wasn’t sure how to explain it. I wasn’t sure of what was missing from my life. I took this time to figure it out. I realized that I didn’t make a plan for when I left work. I didn’t decide what I wanted my life to look like. So, I sat down to do just that. I read a gazillion blogs on the” typical stay-at-home mom with toddlers” schedules. I found what most moms were doing, and I tried to apply it. It seemed things worked fine at first but then it just didn’t. It was a quick fix. I decided that I had educated myself enough on what other people wanted and that it was now time for me to educate myself on how I wanted MY life to go.

I sat down and fantasized. I didn’t write anything. I just took a moment to day dream. I dreamed of the most amazing life I could ever have. I let my thoughts wander into what I considered “insane territory”. Some thoughts that I had I felt I would never be able to do. Things like running a million-dollar company, while sitting in my office wearing a Super Woman cape, while also still wearing my pajamas. Crazy? I know but hear me out. The point I am trying to make is that I let myself dream without restrictions. Too often I limit my dreams and aspirations. Can you relate? Well if you can, it is time to Cut! It! Out! I am telling you, it works. The first few things I realized was that all I wanted to do was spend time with my family. I know it sounds crazy. I mean, I am with them 24/7 and they seemed to be all I complained and stressed about. This one doesn’t listen, that one keeps hitting, or this one won’t eat her vegetables. All sorts of stress that seemed to stem directly from my family. At the exact same time I wasn’t spending my day with them in the way that I wanted to.
We were still in the early phase of our new lives. We were enjoying not having to get up early in the morning and not rushing from here to there. But that just meant our day was lazy and wasted. We might’ve gone to the playground but that was it. What I found in my crazy fantasy was that I wanted to have more plans. I wanted to spend more days going to the zoo, aquarium, and children’s museums. I wanted to offer my children more experiences. I also found that I was missing teaching. I had spent my undergrad years preparing to be a teacher. Then teaching preschool for three years. Now I just sat around washing clothes, changing diapers and preventing tantrums all day.

Preschool at home saved my life.

So, I decided I wanted to start homeschooling. This was the perfect plan for me. It was a way for me to feel closer to my kids. We had more planned interactions and bonding moments throughout the day. I wasn’t in a position to take all the field trips I wanted to take but I was able to easily and cheaply plan out some fun preschool activities. This also help me with some guilt I was feeling about taking my oldest out of daycare. When I first left work she continued part time in daycare for another 6 months up until the beginning of the summer.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hindering her education by taking her out of school. However, I later came to the conclusion that she in no way needed to go to preschool, not for education nor for socialization purposes. You can read more on how I came to that conclusion in my post about 4 things you don’t know about preschool. Homeschooling just seemed like a win-win for us both. A whole lot of bonding time for us combined with a whole lot of planned activities for me.
With my new-found confidence and self-awareness that education and teaching is what makes me happy, we officially started homeschooling. We were off to a great start. I found an amazing program that seemed very age appropriate. It gave us lesson plans and activities for each day. However, I quickly realized that the curriculum caused for me to buy so much more material each week. I had the plans in hand which was amazing. But I now had to go out and buy supplies every two weeks. At the time, it just wasn’t in the budget. So, we stopped a lot of activities for a little while. We continued with some flashcards and I found another curriculum that was all paper and worksheets but still seemed to be engaging. However, this turned out not to be fun for my 3 ½ year old. She needs hands on activities. I started to think it wasn’t worth it anymore. I wanted to give up.

I almost gave up.

I looked back and realized I had now spent over $150 on curriculums that we were no longer using. We hadn’t been having as much fun as we should have been. I was now stressing over what letters she knew and how high she could count. I had completely lost sight as to why I started in the first place. Hands on activities and real-life material (like real apples to paint with) might’ve been better but it wasn’t affordable for us. I took a moment to fantasize yet again. Doing so regularly (almost daily) allows me to stay in tune with my needs. I decided to go back to creating materials the same way I did when I was a teacher. We started with a simple rice sensory bin. I evaluated all their toys and found ways to set up educational activities with what we already had. We took her dramatic play area and I set up a practical life skills lesson for each day. My focus shifted to forming healthy habits and teaching her how to explore her feelings in a healthy manner instead of just reading and math skills.

Opportunities started booming. 

Then I started creating worksheets and games for us to play, that were also educational. I quickly got excited with how many wonderful things I could create right on my computer and print out. This gave me a whole new attitude about what was making me happy in life. I reassessed my desires and found that I wanted to start a business providing these materials to other teachers and moms. And thus, Spoiled Life Teaching was created. It seemed simple to do and no extra work for me. I was already creating all these activities. Now, I have a way of making a little money.  I can still be in control of my finances and be a financial contributor to my family. Ultimately, fantasizing and giving myself permission to dream lead me to a much better life.

Bottom Line  

The bottom line for me is understanding that I can use fantasies to steer my reality. I think the reason why I started homeschooling could be considered selfish. I like to look at that as a good thing. It’s good for others to see that what someone could consider to be selfish could be an amazing decision for you. I looked at what would make me happy. For me, it was all about spending time with my child and having a moment each day to bond. I applied my previous teaching knowledge to fuel the moments to keep me happy in my everyday life. This transitioned into an amazing business opportunity. Don’t let the negative connotation of selfish thinking deter you from your dreams. You never know where a little mind shift can take you. I spoil myself each and every day, not by getting my hair done or rushing to get a refill (because I’m extremely budget conscious and these would cause me more anxiety). But simply by doing what I love, creating new educational material and sharing them with others.

It worked for me it can work for you.

Your take away from all this should be to find what makes you happy and do it every single day. Life is about finding what makes you happy. Fantasize. Then write it down. Make a plan to make the necessary changes to make that dream your reality. But, don’t stop there. Reflect often. Dream often. Never settle. When things get good, think of how they can be better. When things get tricky, think of the crazy ways you could fix them. Your bound to find a solution. Your dreams may change. Do not be afraid to let them develop into a completely new territory. Find ways to make your dreams come true. 


Take a moment right now to fantasize. Then let me know in the comments what new ideas you have. Don’t be afraid to share your most hilarious fantasy like my “Super Woman cape.” 😉