Mother's Day Bonding Activity Challenge Week 4

Mother's Day Bonding Activity Challenge Week 4 Update 

I know I promised weekly updates and I’m sorry I haven’t delivered on that. My computer completely decided not to connect to the internet for a couple of weeks. I'm still not able to connect to my home internet but I can connect to Xfinity's open service. I have however been able to send out weekly emails to those who have subscribed, by using my phone. You can see our daily activities and updates on our Instagram @LivingThatSpoiledLife.

So, I'm going to do a recap of our last couple of weeks then I'm going to end this with specific suggestions for next week’s challenge activities. Okay, so let’s jump right in.

Week 1- May 1st through May 5

Week one was a stressful week for me personally. I had a hard time, but this is exactly why I created this challenge. This was a way for me to force myself to have these intentional moments with my child. a short recap for new readers. I started this challenge because I feel it's easy for me to throw myself into my work as I am very task oriented. I homeschool my children (1 & 4) and find time to get work done in between. I feel as though continuing this pattern won’t leave me with the relationship that I want with my children; therefore, I started this challenge to have planned time with them each day and work it into my "task" for that day. this way on the craziest of days I am for sure that my children got the love and time they deserve.

On May 1st I woke up extremely motivated, but it seemed my littles were not on board for such an amazing day. They didn't want to do anything. Well, except cry and throw tantrums. This was mostly the 3-year-old. We ended up getting dressed around 3:45 that afternoon. I know in my soul, if it was not for this challenge and my public proclamation to do this I would not have went outside this day. and that is 100% why I went public. I needed someone to hold me accountable. I am so glad that I did. Nothing went to plan. I initially wanted to take some bubbles and our new kites out. none of that happened. But we went over to our leasing office and got some complimentary pizza. we ate that outside and played at the playground. I was then lucky enough to have a proud mom moment learning that my 3-year-old knew how to start a fire. She gathered sticks and made a huge pile. Then began rubbing them together. I had to explain that we could only start a pretend fire because we didn’t want to burn down our favorite playground.

This little moment changed my entire day and my entire attitude for the rest of the week. It was a reminder that the plans that I made for the day weren't that important. What was important was the time I spent with them. The next day we took our books to the playground. Their favorite was a playground story from our personalized Hooray Heroes book. We read every day, so making this reading time different, made it more special. the next day was all about nature. we went out for a nature walk and the girls picked out some leaves and twigs and branches. Then they created a bird’s nest. We looked at google and YouTube to find out some basic information about birds and to see some beautiful pictures. After we returned home we read The Best Nest by P. D. Eastman.
That Saturday we went on a couple hour drive to my mother’s house. The girls stayed there for the night while I went to my university's spring homecoming. The calendar states that this day would be a good time for a vacation. I also explained in my examples that a road trip is fun bonding time. Although we did not go on a family vacation, we got a chance to really bond during the car ride. We played plenty of games and sung a bunch of songs. I don't think Dad liked all the repetitive singing, but he loves "Your Welcome" from Moana, so we listened to about four different versions of it, ha-ha.
We returned to get the girls early Sunday morning and rushed home to make sure she and dad made it to practice in time for the daddy-daughter dance rehearsal. Once we got home I gave my children my undivided attention for a half hour straight. we played 21 questions preschool style. I spent the time listening to anything and everything she wanted to tell me and show me. Whenever she seemed to be a tad lost for a topic I asked her another question from the list. This kept us going for quite a while and got to learn a lot about her views on things.

Week 2 - May 6th through May 12th 

The next Monday was time for a picnic. The girls helped Daddy pack a simple lunch. They had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sliced apples, a bag of chips, and to my surprise left over McDonald's two chicken nuggets and 4 French Fries. Oh, and a soda, 🙈, completely against "mommy’s rules" but all rules go out the window when Dads around🤷. We had an amazing day and that night we took all three kids outside to fly our Rocket Slingshot Copters. As the week went on we played Connect Four, with the rules of a three-year-old. The one year old got a chance to play as well. We didn't get to learn any new games this week as I didn't get much done. Everyone was sick, and I was extremely depressed, so, instead whenever I felt like the kids needed me I either read them a story or pulled out a 5 minute or less activity list. We did get to snuggle, and I told stories. My children love when I tell them the Three Little Pig story. I also told them plenty of stories about my childhood and from when they were first born.
That Friday was Silly Day in this house. We started out by reading a Joke book for our breakfast story. Then I let the kids dress themselves with the instruction of finding their silliest outfits. My three-year-old dress her younger sister in one of her old fairy Halloween costumes. She wore a winter night gown that she never got a chance to wear but is all of a sudden obsessed with and a very spring skirt. They requested that I wear their new Mini Mouse head band with a bow on it. I decided to make it a little more silly by adding two ponytails to my hair with their Ballie ponytail holders. While we were out running errands in our crazy outfits, we picked up some frozen fruit. When we got home we made some fruit pops for the first time. Then we dyed some rice blue for our ocean themed sensory bins.

The next day I took my oldest out for a little one on one date before her dad left for work. We didn't have much time, so we just walked to our neighborhood Rite Aid, picked up my medication and took a detour to our local Rita's Water Ice. The next day was Mother’s Day. I woke to a can of soda, a cup of ice and a piece of banana nut bread. Seems like nothing but Dad was at work the entire day and my 6, 3, and 1 year old brought me breakfast in bed. There is nothing more I could ask for from them. My oldest even said, "we know you don't use ice, but we didn't want to leave K out." (my youngest). The rest of my Mother’s Day I spent in bed. I felt so rested and so refreshed.

Week 3 - May 13th through May 19th

When Monday rolled around I spent that day in bed too. It rained most of the day and we never got outside to have a race. I allowed the kids to race one another inside but I never joined in. I let them take a bath for two hours. and by that night I realized I really wasn't myself. I was really depressed. I use that word loosely to describe some bad days I have when I'm in a little funk. However, I realized that I had no energy and no motivation. Not only did I have no energy to do anything, I had no desire to. On Tuesday morning I had my final oncology appointment before I am officially either diagnosed with something serious, or doctors decide that it’s something minor to just watch. I spent the entire ultrasound silently crying as tears uncontrollably fell from my eyes and the realization of what I was going through finally hit me. I have been going through this cancer scare as happy and as positively as any person ever could. I keep telling myself that my doctors are just being cautious. That moment for me however, made things all too real. When I came home I had the children take a nap and I reflected on a lot of things. I was so glad that I had already begun to take the steps to have these daily everlasting moments with my children. I was determined to have a great day. After nap we played music all day. We had a dance party. We played Just Dance on the Wii. I learned that my one year old recognizes the difference in instruments. She can clap to the beat and loves to sing. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll be asking you guys to check out her sound cloud, ha-ha.
That Wednesday we had an amazing movie marathon day watching all their favorites. I even got a chance to reminisce and watch Toy Story. I told her the only way we can see Toy Story 4 is if they are all caught up. She agreed but I couldn't convince her to watch 101 Dalmatians. Thursdays are dance rehearsal days, so I woke my oldest up early from her nap and got her dressed then spent time snuggled in bed. She truly misses sleeping in my bed and doesn't get a lot of one on one time, since she became a big sister. Friday was meant to be spent completing an art project. However, there was no way that was happening. We walked to the grocery store and spent time outside making some more birds’ nest (she really loves this.). Then they came inside to play with their ocean sensory bin. Later that night we all went to their older brother's first grade spring recital.
Saturday, I had originally suggested a shopping spree. What we actually did was have the kids look through some magazines and Amazon and create their birthday and Christmas wish list. Our kids’ birthdays are in June, July, and September. So, this is the time where we need to prepare to go broke and file bankruptcy. Okay, just kidding. But seriously, between all the summer activities, birthdays, vacations, holidays, and back to school, summers are financially rough around here. But I’m working on a post that explains how I handle all that. I'll link to it when it's up. I thought the best thing to do after spending a day thinking of all the things you want and going on a shopping spree, was to focus on charity. Today, we signed up for the Sista Strut which is a breast cancer walk. We discussed community and how everyone has a position and part to play to make that community function. We also spent the day discussing how it’s important to give to people less fortunate than you in any capacity that you can. We concluded the discussion with a YouTube video on the joy of giving. All weekend long the kids played in their ocean sensory bin.

Week 4 - May 20th through May 27th Suggestions 

Monday - Chores Day 

If you don't already have one you can use this day to set up a chore system for your children. Have them be a part of creating a chart to post up and keep track. You can make a game out of cleaning. Who can do something the fastest. For example, who can fold the most pair of pants in one minute? You could also give each person a task in one room and work together in a tag-team manner to get a room completely clean quickly. You can also create chore sticks. Place them in a cup and have everyone select one to accomplish each day. While out running errands give your kids responsibilities. For example, if you are in a grocery store have each person be responsible to find things off your list.

Tuesday - Cook Together

Other than the typical cake and cookies there are plenty of things to cook with your child. You can read Stone Soup by Marcia Brown then follow the recipe in the book. Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then let them prepare snack to replicate some things from the story. Make some Bread in a Bag. I'll be more than likely making rainbow pancakes with my kids. She's been begging me, but they always turn out brown, ha-ha. So, I always take a cop out and do waffles. Then they'll help me with dinner.

Wednesday - TV Marathon 

This should be an easy one. Pick some of your favorites and some of theirs. Choose your favorites from when you were your child's age. Some of my favorites right now are Liv and Maddie, No Good Nick, One Day at a Time, Fuller House, Full House, Sugar Rush, Alexa and Katie, Man vs. Wild and Cheer Squad. Honestly, we probably won’t watch Cheer Squad, my 3-year-old is completely not into it, but I love this show. I'm a little sad there's only one season on Netflix.
Thursday - Dress Up Day
Use this day to dress as a Super Hero and go out shopping. This was the day I wanted to wear some old Halloween costumes. Or some sort of crazy silly clothes.  Since we already did that, I’m thinking we are going to dress up in some fancy dresses and have a tea party. You could dress up in super hero costumes or you can make it a pajama day.

Friday - Build Something 

Building something together takes a lot of communicating and working together. Some ideas for you are build a fort, water rocket, water balloon launcher, periscope, ukulele, party popper, bird house, or a marble run. Finally put together all those Lego sets. Build something huge out of your blocks or Legos. My day will start off with a bird’s nest, of course, then we will attempt to make some party poppers to celebrate their brothers last day of school. So, we'll get to start our summer vacation with a 'bang'.

Saturday - Do a Science Experiment

We will be doing our National Geographic's volcano kit. There are so many examples for you to choose from. I am just going to list them all out below.
Musical water glasses
Mystery bead bottle
Exploring acids and bases with red cabbage
Gluep- solid or liquid?
Moon Sand
National Geographic kits
Floating soap bubbles
Dancing raisins
Floating sinking bowling balls
Liquid layer
Rubber bands and heat
Make things glow in the dark
Egg in a bottle
Lava lamp
Magic milk
Vinegar and baking soda
Slime or frozen slime

Sunday - Share old pictures

Self-explanatory. Share pictures of your family, your partners family, wedding pictures and baby pictures of them. Use this time to reminisce and share stories with your children.

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